Local sex offenders in your area

local sex offenders in your area

answer to your question here, please contact. I am looking for someone - can you help me locate them? Lobby hard for what you believe. What should I do if my county or state doesn't have a registry on the Internet? Details of any registered sex offenders are kept on a register for the Police only, it is not for public access.

Encourage daycare centers to adopt policies to make sure that children go with the correct family member when they leave. Do you know if one exists? I know someone who has repeatedly sexually abused his daughters about 25-30 years ago. Should I say something to him and his wife in a letter about my concerns for the safety of the children? See who's linking to us, and view some cool sightings! Can anything be done? You would need to contact the juvenile probation office to find the specific laws regarding this in your state. They should investigate and update the registry if they find his address is incorrect. You can do this anonymously and still fill them in on details as to why you have these fears. The courts are taking too long and I am scared he will do it again.