Airplane hookup

airplane hookup

A couple decided to publicly join the Mile High Club in the back of an airplane on the seats. Any scene can be projected on to the interior screens in high-res. The final time was right before breakfast was being served, and the flight attendant had everyone on the plane give them a round of applause for being the most consistent passengers she had ever seen." Deleted via Reddit Advertisement 8 of 16 every bathroom. "I used to work for United Airlines and US Airways express, cleaning the planes after arrival and getting them ready for departure the next day. "On a flight to Switzerland a couple of years ago, there was a couple who 'mile-high clubbed' a couple of times over the course of the flight. How about displaying a rainforest? This article originally published at Discovery News here. We were giggling about it the whole rest of the flight." estereo_type via Reddit 16 of 16 appearance by Laura Delarato.

Had to sit through the rest of the flight with extreme shame. I went into the bathroom first and kind of hung out there, and she came in a few minutes later, so it didn't look suspicious. He went first, and I snuck in mid-flight. You dont need a window for these views. Other aircrafts are exploring similar ideas of transparent cabins.

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