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the world's best known crimes. July 10, 2014 Petitioner requested a police report she and her husband filed but was given a redacted copy due to personal privacy concerns of the respondent. Singapore sling, aviation cocktail, Boston sidecar, New York sour, Daquiri cocktail, hot toddy, etc. Morgenthau, 262 AD2d 132, 691 marrige sex vs dating sex NYS2d 503 (1999) Petitioner could not successfully contend that agencys claim that records sought did not exist was false. NY: Simon Schuster, 1962. Very good - with two gorgeous liquor store trade cards laid in, from Chicago Philadelphia,.1900. Current Law: 87(2 89(4) Citizens for Alternatives to Animal Labs. Chapters cover fasting, what to eat, what to not eat, animal flesh, etc.

New York City Police Dept., 106 AD3d 520, 965 NYS2d 450 (1st Dept. Held that a requester has four months from when the demand is finalized to initiate judicial proceedings. Recipes include orange wine, pickled walnuts, almond cheesecakes, stewed hare, pickled turkey, rice pudding, pickled nasturtium buds limes, etc. Starr, nylj, November 1, Records related to a marketing analysis held to be available. Held that agency "failed to respond to petitioner's request in a timely fashion, has failed to produce any affidavits to establish the basis for the exemption and has not satisfied this court that the generalized statutory reasons sufficiently warrant withholding of the documents". Acosta, Matter of, 193 AD2d 732 (1993) - Records sealed under Criminal Procedure Law, 160.50 (where criminal charges are dismissed in favor of accused) are exempted from disclosure under foil. Also, for purposes of 96(1 k held that compulsory legal process pertains to court ordered disclosure. Roque, Supreme Court, New York County, July 6, 2011 - Agency's burden of showing that petitioner has actual possession of the documents is satisfied upon proof that a copy of the requested documents was previously provided to the petitioner or his attorney.

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As a way of doing research for the almanac, nearly every Wednesday he invited twelve friends for dinners which lasted up to five hours. Fallows, 478 NYS2d 524 (1984) - Petitioner, a newspaper, challenged agency's determination denying access to records concerning private companies' receipt of economic development funds; agency released the records after the proceeding was initiated; held that the suit was moot, that petitioner, therefore, did not "substantially. Cleveland: Lakeside Press, 1922. Coughlin, 142 Misc.2d 877, 538 NYS2d 896 (1989) - Request involved access to forms involving medical treatment of inmates specified that identifying details be redacted. Covers nearly detached from a neat tear along spine, still very good and quite scarce. A fine copy of an important work on Mexican cooking. However, in the interest of preserving confidentiality of an investigation of a possible homicide, petitioner's subpoena was quashed, without prejudice to a renewed application following termination of criminal proceedings, or at some other future time if such proceedings are not commenced. Seed saving has become of great interest to chefs and farmers in the last several years as our collective desire to renew heritage plants and animals has grown. Court concluded as follows: ".we underscore that, by this decision and analysis, we do not 'rule that the entire administration of the statutory colleges is not subject to foil'.We hold only that, given the unique statutory scheme applicable here, Cornell's disciplinary records are not subject. I appears in the famed sushi chef Jiro's new book, Sushi Chef. New York City Transit Authority, 73 AD2d 518 (1979) - After filing notice of claim, request was made for "all police and other records in possession of the transit authority court denied, stating that Law not intended to be research tool for private litigants that. Fillmore Eastman, this book is filled with baking recipes for doughnuts, sponge cakes, marsh mallow icing, and all manner of not healthy goods.

Gray wrappers lettered in red. With drawings of early American kitchen implements, etc., by Linda Funk. Agency failed to meet the burden of showing that the records could be withheld under 87(2 g particularly provisions involving "instructions to staff that affect the public". Original Law: 88 (3) (d) Pflaum. Held that privacy exception applied only to natural persons not to commercial customers, that agency failed to show that records sought pertained to "contract awards" or, therefore, that 87(2 c) would apply, and that, even though the parties agreed that the agency, due to its.

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