Dishwasher hookup

dishwasher hookup

do during an installation is to ensure that the power is shut off. Failure to install your dishwasher hookups correctly may lead to leaks, damage to the appliance or even potential electric shock and injury. Your dishwasher will need to be connected to a hot water source in order to function properly. Primarily, however, the flexible drainage hose will connect just above the drainage tap. Most counter setups feature an outlet for this specific purpose on the back wall of the cabinet below the kitchen sink.

How to Install a Dishwasher This Old House

dishwasher hookup

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In this case, simply cut out the proper portion of the sink pipe and connect the tubing with the help of slip nuts and washers. Dirty water is drained from the appliance via a flexible line attached between the dishwasher and a suitable connection beneath the sink, such as a fitting on the garbage disposal or on the drain line feeding into the sink trap. Setting up a dishwasher is a straightforward process, but it pays to ensure that you are doing it exactly correctly. Most dishwashers have a pair of mounting brackets on top that are designed to be screwed securely to the underside of the cabinet or countertop. Whichever method you choose, don't skip this important installation step. Connect these in order to ensure proper disposal of the dirty water that collects in your dishwasher during use. Dishwasher installation is a relatively simple process, but an important one nonetheless. The second-best place is as close to the sink as possible without committing a design faux pas such as colliding doors or blocking pathways.

Almost all dishwashers require a standard, 120-volt electrical outlet that is gfci-protected. Plug the dishwasher cord into the outlet and secure it with electrical tape if you desire.