Sewer hookup for travel trailer

sewer hookup for travel trailer

waste. If you look at the elbow above, you can see it sits well into the sewer drain. There must always be liquid in this dip to prevent fumes from traveling up the sewer hose. Share them with us in the comments. Ive had nothing but bad luck with them, but theyre required some places. It has swiveling connectors which supposedly help (shrugs shoulders And that finally goes to my 90 adapter that connects to the sites sewer connection. First things first, put on some gloves. Doing this second cleans out all that raw sewage from the hose. Hooking up water to your.

Connect one side to the RV waste fitting, and extend the hose to t he dump. Most RVs have a pipe or area designated for the RV sewer hose. As newbies we had no idea how to connect an RV to full hookups at a campsite. Our first two RVs didn t have a built in surge protector so we had. We have an entire article about sewer connections along with tips, tricks.

Cover the bolts with the plastic covers provided with the new toilet. Slowly open the black tank RV sewer hose valve first. Put a bucket under the outlet prior to removing the cap to capture any waste that is in the drain tube. Keep an eye on the elbow going into the dump tank for leaks, raw sewage shooting into the air, etc. This is the one we use, though there are a ton of options out there. Hooking up sewer to your. That was pretty easy right?

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