Relocating washer and dryer hookup

relocating washer and dryer hookup

on that section it is closer to 2 just. Installing a washer box behind the washer makes all the connections neater. This is especially important to us because directly below our washer (in the basement) is our electrical panel. And then he had to paint. And Im pretty darn excited about all the new space in my pantry! Run Power for Washer and install gfci Breaker. Heres our breakdown: Tear out shower, reroute water/electrical for washer/dryer relocation. Two 1/2-inch copper caps, soldering supplies 1 2-inch plastic cap, plastic pipe cement 2 copper tees 1/2-inch copper pipe and fittings. This is the drain standpipe. Unscrew the shutoff valves with a wrench so you can reuse them. You can probably extend the existing dryer outlet by converting the existing receptacle into a junction (with blank faceplate) but of course it depends on what you are doing with that space after. Yowza those things are big!

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Then, using a 4 1/4 Hole Saw (which is basically a giant drill bit Nick and the girls drilled a giant hole through the side of our house for the dryer vent. So thats where were at with our Operation Laundry Room. Also, can we collectively ignore the flooring for now? Glue a P-trap to the drain best hookup apps uk at the location of the washer. Turn off the valves, then turn on the water and check the pipes for leaks.