Fire hydrant hookup

fire hydrant hookup

say, I just happen have some.5 inch hose also, will that work? The permit will generally require a hydrant meter, a gate valve and sometimes a back-flow preventer. Your garden hose isn't going to connect to any of those without a bunch of adapters. A typical hydrant will have a static pressure between 45 and 100 psi under ideal circumstances, but this is a disaster and the fire department isn't available for your fire, presumably because they're fighting other fires, which means they're using some of that pressure. It requires a lot of equipment, a lot of knowledge, and a lot of training.

That tactic, what we euphemistically call a surround and drown, might work on a first floor fire where there's been no extension into the walls and ceilings. The air is filled with a toxic combination of carbon monoxide, cyanide, and a dozen other deadly compounds.

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Leave the fire fighting to the professionals. And even if you did have the gear, would you know how to read the smoke to see if there was an impending flashover. I've painted a pretty bleak picture for you for a reason. OK, we know the combination nozzle needs 100 psi, which is more than you started local sex High Peak with, so no, that won't work. That's why we have insurance, to replace stuff.