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to the practice. In Eastern England, a Scandinavian artistic influence is apparent on many of them. This formal ruling may have confirmed attitudes that were already held by the Anglo-Saxon Church. Boddington summarised the characteristics of Final Phase burials as a series of eight points. Middle Anglo-Saxon period edit The Middle Anglo-Saxon period is a term applied to the years between circa 600 and 800. In some instances, for instance at Sutton Hoo and Cuddeston, these burials have been made around a barrow. The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles: Their Nature and Legacy.

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adult dating in Sutton

Data that can be gathered or inferred from Anglo-Saxon inhumations includes the biological sex or age of the individual, as well as information about their health or lifestyle. In many cases, alkaline soils have led to the good preservation of the skeletal remains, enabling archaeologists to excavate inhumed corpses and gain "a great deal of information" from them. Anglo-Saxon Burial Mounds: Princely Burials in the 6th and 7th Centuries. "Anglo-Saxon cremation burials from Snape". Phoenix Mill: Alan Sutton. The archaeologist Helen Geake noted that the burials of this period could be analytically divided into four groups: furnished, unfurnished, princely, and deviant. 50 There are also a few rare cases, such as at Cleatham in Lincolnshire, 51 where instead of making a new pot to bury cremated remains in, Anglo-Saxon peoples re-used older Late Romano-British period urns or pots in their funerary rites. Facilities, football Pitches.