Converting a gas dryer hookup to electric

converting a gas dryer hookup to electric

dryer to a natural gas dryer. I assume that you are trying to convert your dryer from natural to LP gas. Also natural gas as piped to homes costs less per kilowatt-hour than the equivalent amount of household electrical power. If in doubt, always consult a licensed electrician. However, front-load washers spin three times as fast as they did in the early 80s, meaning clothes arent as wet going into the dryer, Sheinkopf points out. This is a relatively simple process unlike what a conversion of gas to electric or vice versa would consist. If anything had an overload, the ordinary 15-amp or 20-amp outlet for 120 volts and anything plugged into it could overheat and catch fire well before the 30A breaker shut off the current. Same with 220V/240V outlets.) By 110V outlet I'm assuming you mean a standard US 120V 15A outlet. More Information: I want to say "no" you can't do this based on what you've told.

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Your dryer is designed to run off a 30A 240V circuit. Some complete idiots will try this and burn the neighborhood down. The consequences of doing this improperly range from failure of the cooktop to work, to damage to the cooktop, to an electrical nampa adult dating fire, to injury or death due to electrocution. It gets blown outside of course. Your drier will keep poppin breakers which isn't good at all. This means your appliance requires 5,760W of power to run correctly. Your clothes will not dry as fast as with a dryer, of course, BUT. Its really something I would only attempt in reverse.

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