Summer winter hookup water heater

summer winter hookup water heater

do? Reply With", 09:40 PM #2, with an oil burner, and any burner for that matter, the efficiency is greatest when the system experiences long run times. In this day of high oil prices what is the most efficient temperature differential I should set for boiler to turn on to heat the water back up again? Then she turns the boiler off before leaving the house and she usually still has some hot water when she gets home.

summer winter hookup water heater

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One potential risk could be premature wear of seals and gaskets in your unit since they will be fluctuating from a wider range of temperatures more frequently, he said. Then she turns it off again until morning. "It seems to me with the way oil prices are going, you can save a pretty good amount Susan said. Asked a member recently. You may not edit your posts, forum Rules, related Forums, the place where Electrical professionals meet. Susan Gehris of Lehigh Township heard that rumbling last spring and started thinking about all the oil she burns during warm months just to keep water hot when no one is home. Every summer, my spouse turns off the boiler and our electric bill goes up dramatically. You are planning on an indirect. If you aren't ready just yet to install that indirect, and are considering boiling out the crud in your coil, you will have to cut those pipes anyhow. Instead: A little about water temps, especially in view of the fact that you have children in the home.