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your family. Michael Palin and Ian McKellen studied at Oxford so we're basically related to acting royalty. The extension to this question asks the student to interpret some graphical data and requires a more technical introduction. Then ask in which of the two ecosystems have animals and plants been more successful? After developing this discussion for a short while, we might then push outwards from particular narratives to broader, conceptual issues, such as 'what is a short story?' or, differently posed, 'what makes a short story different from a novel?' This isn't a question on which. Dont play it cool because youre nervous. If I asked that question about Shakespeare some candidates might have a view of his literary output, but many wouldn't.

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English tutor, what will I be asked? Some might then immediately leap to Pythagoras Theorem and use that to find the answer (which is that it forms a quarter circle centred on the point where the floor meets the wall). And of course it doesnt matter if you have a sibling or not - though depending on family dynamics, that can add an interesting twist to the conversation! Other examples of projects in this area include the eSocial Science (OeSS) project, the Companions project and research on mobile phones. It also allowed us to hear candidates describe things like a town in decline, unusual street names, or pride in local sports teams, and then to ask them what questions a historian should ask in order to set these in context. The key point about this question is trying to get candidates to think about the economics of pay rather than just whether they think it is fair or not. We would clarify the compound discussed here is different to the one in the first part of the question and that aqueous solution means water with acid or base added to control the. They teach and research at the University and decide who studies here. Although I would never launch this question at a candidate on its own, it might grow out of a discussion.