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can create a win-win situation wherein the microgrid can reduce utility costs by load shifting while the electric vehicle owner receives revenue that partially offsets his/her expensive mobile storage investment, researchers wrote in a 2010 study. A standard adoption agreement between utilities and carmakers is likely necessary to jumpstart implementation. The price of lithium-ion battery packs typically comprising one-third of a vehicles cost dipped an average of 8 each year between 20Battery prices dropped 35 last year alone, compounding steep reductions logged in the previous years. A city teen was arrested on multiple weapons charges following a disturbance at 812 Heritage Court Saturday night around 10:40. On the other hand, could this increased demand also increase the cost of operating the electric grid (and costs for electric customers) by shortening the life of grid components, requiring replacement or upgraded infrastructure such as transformers and capacitors, or even building new fossil fuel. Summary of Recommended Policies Infrastructure Utilities should finance private chargers and invest in public charging networks based on future revenue from sales of electricity to power vehicles (and/or implement inclusive, tariff-based on-bill financing). In this case, since there are no attributable energy savings (on the electric bill, though there are substantial savings at the gas pump the term could correspond instead with the typical ownership period of a car, about six years. Soaking Up Supply Charging controls or pricing incentives can also motivate electric vehicle drivers to charge overnight, or whenever clean energy production is strongest. Timed charging of electric vehicles means afternoon surges in electricity demand can be smoothed out (shown right) by steadily increasing demand from electric cars. Incentives and Financing There are a range of incentives and financing tools for deploying charging infrastructure. We need to electrify public and private fleets to widely share the localized environmental and health benefits of switching from oil to electricity.

This relatively quick ramp rate the speed at which they can increase or decrease generation means V2G-equipped vehicles could be a powerful contributor to a more nimble, responsive grid. But as island grids, Hawaii also must manage its electricity supply and demand without aid of neighbors. The City of Los Angeles is using funds from Californias cap-and-trade program to finance an electric car-sharing program catering to low-income communities. It blamed its pivot away from electric vehicle technology on the EV1s 100-mile range and the high cost of development compared to sales. Portugals heavy emphasis on solar generation means that, as time goes on, it will build up a substantial amount of excess daytime solar energy. One is to provide inclusive, tariff-based financing. Charging, utilities should offer charging plans that include substantial discounts for charging during off- peak hours or absorbing excess renewable energy supply. The 2017 Nissan Leaf, a popular battery-powered vehicle, can travel up to 107 miles on a single charge in optimal conditions. It can fuel for as little as one-tenth the cost of a gasoline vehicle per mile. Electric vehicles can crucially expand the opportunity and capacity for local energy production and resiliency.

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